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winter 1994

Thanks to an Andra Romagnoli’s idea (Andrea was the manager of the Borgo S. Lorenzo swimming pool complex, close to Florence), Giovanni Franceschi (in sponsorship relationship with the complex), Tanya Vannini (head of the swimming coaches in the same place and also 400m freestyle Italian record-holder), Giorgio Lamberti (world champion and record-holder for the 200m freestyle, and also Tanya’s fiancé) and Marco Colombo (member of the Italian swim team at the Olympics and professionally liked to Giorgio) are founding an improvement Camp dedicated to local swimmers: Nuota con Noi (“Swim with Us”) is born!.

summer 1998

From January 2005 to the Summer of 1998 the sports complex of Borgo S. Lorenzo is hosting nine Nuota con Noi events, starting with local swimmers than “opening” to enthusiasts coming from all Italy.

fall 1998 - winter 2001

Aided by some positive events (Giorgio and Tanya getting married and moving to another City, Marco focussing his professional activity in another Region and Giovanni … Having a growing family), Nuota con Noi … goes in deep sleep!

spring 2002

Giovanni, coming with his first-born to a “swimming training test” just in the same Borgo S. Lorenzo’s complex, lives again the “good feelings” of Nuota con Noi so decides to give new life to the project of swimming stages; the new name for his project is Top Swimming School.

summer 2002

The extraordinary B2K BALENA2000 sports and beach complex in Viareggio gives hospitality for the three foreseen events.

fall 2002

The new brand NUOTO+ comes out, to achieve the target to easier transmit the main aims of the project: positive values, not only related to swimming.

summer 2003

To the three “historical” appointments at the B2K BALENA2000 are adding Club Santa Cristiana (Numana, close to Ancona) and at Città del Mare (Terrasini, close to Palermo in Sicily). In this way NUOTO+, is “touching” the Tirreno sea, the Adriatic Sea and the South of Italy: at this point to really be “at 360°” only an appointment in the mountains is missing. It will arrive in the Summer of 2004.

summer 2006

Città del Mare gives room to the VALTUR village at Ostuni (Brindisi), where is also starting a brand new service where the experience and professionalism of NUOTOPIU' Power SwimCamp are offering to the village’s guests swimming lessons during all the Summer … With the “plus” sign!

summer 2007

The Club Santa Cristiana gives room to the VALTUR village in Capo Rizzuto (Crotone), where che NUOTOPIU' Power SwimCamp’s technical team offers its experience and passion – during all the Summer season not only to a single VALTUR village, but in five of them … Ostuni, Simeri, Baia di Conte, Nicotera and Capo Rizzuto.

winter 2007

The partnership with ARENA ITALIA becomes even closer. Even if Giovanni’s company Ceschi & Ceschi is still managing all the organization and the administration activities of NUOTO+ SwimCamp, practically speaking ARENA becomes the main brand for the several projects linked to NUOTOPIU' Power SwimCamp. At the same time NUOTO+ SwimCamp logos are renewed and "ARENA EXPERIENCE" becomes part of them.

summer 2008

The partnership with VALTUR is again confirmed for the "family oriented" villages in Ostuni, Simeri, Baia di Conte, Nicotera and Capo Rizzuto is till NUOTOPIU' Power SwimCamp’s offering to the guests of the villages the swimming lessons with .. The “+” sign.

summer 2009

An extraordinary success for the SwimCamps this year thanks also to the super event of the World championships in Rome with all the participants to the Roma’s SwimCamp present at the Stadio del Nuoto to see the swimming finals ... Of course also the partnership with VALTUR is confirmed.

summer 2010

The big news of this year is the grand opening of NUOTOPIU' Power SwimCamp to the International participants! Thanks to the web ste with full translation into English, French and German and to the NUOTOPIU' Power SwimCamp coaches capable to follow in the best way also the participants who are not speaking Italian, boys and girls now have the opportunity to grow new friendships and to swim with people of the same age coming from other Countries!

winter 2010/2011

A NUOTOPIU' Power SwimCamp just after Christmas and the New Year’s Day? Something like a “revision”, maybe after a week spent with us during the Summer? This idea was growing in NUOTOPIU' Power SwimCamp since a long time, but until now it was on hold due to the problem to find the right location to fit our needs during this “high season” period. But this was so till Winter 2011, now it’s coming NUOTOPIU' Winter SwimCamp in Riccione.

summer 2011

NUOTOPIU' Power SwimCamp could not be attracted by the Sardinia, adding the very much appreciated hospitality of the Geovillage in Olbia to create a memorable marriage.

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