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NUOTOPIU' power swimming by Arena Experience 2012
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Thanks to the participation of Ivo Ferretti (Biomechanics Area Responsible since 1995 for the Italian Swimming Federation) and his team, as an optional service we can offer to each participant also a DVD containing the external/underwater swim video recording with a customized comment, also featuring stop-motions showing the critical areas. Such critical areas are displayed through a computer-based video analysis (both above and below the water’s surface) considering the swimming technique, the start and the turn (one stroke analysis “SwimLAB1”, two strokes analysis“SwimLAB2”).

We can provide also a more sophisticated analysis named “velocimeter” capable to real time monitor the swim speed and the instantaneous and mean accelerations. With this tool are mainly analyzed the start, the turn and the following underwater periods (see “SwimLAB3”).

Las but not least we can propose also the use of the “instrumented paddles”, allowing to monitor the water pressure on the palm and on the back of your hand, generating graphs that are describing the specific profile of your swim stroke (in other words, the “quality” of your action) (see “SwimLAB4”).

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