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The Technical Director of the nuotopiù Power SwimCamp is Giovanni Franceschi, the inventor of the project.

First of all he’s a parent (of Filippo, 17 and Martina, 14 and both of them are swimmers), has won 2 gold medals (200m and 400m individual medley) at the European Championships , has improved two Continental records and 22 National records and has won 41 individual gold medals in the National championships in 9 different events (50m-100m-200m-400m freestyle, 100m-200m backstroke, 100m butterfly, 200m-400m medley).

At his side are working coaches with extraordinary “human prominence” and very long experience and technical background: some of them have almost if not white … Grizzled hair, having followed (and still doing it) hundreds and hundreds of youngsters to grow (not only from a sports point of view) through swimming.

Other coaches were once swimmers (and some are still swimming, so continuing to “grow” their passion) to achieve the ultimate goal. whilst others have dedicated on a weekly basis many hours to swimming to achieve their personal best.

All of them have a common point: they have shared at the side of Giovanni Franceschi the "joy and pain” which have coming with his sports career, or were able to distinguish themselves – in the swimming pools all around Italy – for the passion and enthusiasm they have to face their “mission” as swimming coaches.

But not only that: many of them have the identical approach that Giovanni Franceschi strongly desires in all the nuotopiù Power SwimCamp staff: a “friendly” and enthusiastic” approach to the teaching method, because more than ever during the nuotopiù Power SwimCamp a day without smiles is a lost day!

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