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Driiing, the alarm clock is ringing! A new Day + is coming …

The Camp’s participants start their day a bit before 8.00 with a wake-up call. After a healthy (but light) breakfast and teeth brushing, the group reaches the swimming pool. It’s 9.00, from now to mid morning the group is split into several subgroups according to individual skill level, so … everybody in the water !!!

At the end of the first swimming session and until lunch time everyone gets a chance to relax and to get to know their fellow participants. Always under the supervision of nuotopiù Power SwimCamp’s staff, to have some fun … After lunch there is a short break (with a varied program, considering the different locations) … to complete digestion. It is now around 15.30, the “curfew” is over and now it’s possible to face the sun again …

Sports activities start again from 16.30: first the theory session then … Everybody into the water!!! At the end of the day, at around the 19.00, we say good-bye to the DAYCAMP participants who are going back to their families.

We get ready for dinner, after which we enjoy a movie or… there is no shortage of other options available: we stay in wonderful touristic places – always moving as a single group – we organize the evening according with the group’s desires (ice cream, a little walk all together etc.) It’s 22.00, “lights out!” time to go to sleep …

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