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NUOTOPIU' power swimming by Arena Experience 2012
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During the nuotopiù Power SwimCamp participants younger than 18 years old may leave the authorized areas only with their parents or other people only if NUOTOPIU’ ACADEMY A.S.D. has a written authorization allowing this. During the nuotopiù Power SwimCamp stay all the participants must behave appropriately. In the event of severe misbehaviour, NUOTOPIU’ ACADEMY A.S.D. will be obliged to ask the participant to leave of course not before to have informed his/her parents if he/she is younger than 18 years old. NUOTOPIU’ ACADEMY A.S.D. is not responsible for any loss of documents, money or valuable goods forgotten, lost or stolen during the stay at the nuotopiù Power SwimCamp The participant agrees to resign to any claim exceeding the amount specified by the insurance coverage. For reasons different than his will, NUOTOPIU’ ACADEMY A.S.D. might cancel the nuotopiù Power SwimCamp giving notice at least ten days before the check-in date. In such event, the advanced payment will be given back via bank transfer.

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